Start Tasting

Grilled prawns

Delicious grilled prawns, sautéed with garlic, oil, parsley and maldon salt.

16,95 €

Scrambled Eggs

Platter of scrambled eggs with ham or bacon

13,50 €

La Mulata Potato Omelette

Juicy classic potato omelette with caramelised onion

10,50 €

Homemade Iberian Ham Croquettes

Incredible Homemade Croquettes of Iberian Ham (6UNDS)


Crunchy chicken strips with chive mayonnaise

10,90 €

La Mulata Toast

La Mulata Toast

Artisan bread, sliced tomato, scrambled egg, cured ham or bacon and natural avocado

12,5 €

Ventresca and grilled peppers toast

Artisan bread, good ventresca and roasted piquillo peppers

9,5 €

Fresh pork loin and peppers toast

Artisan bread, fresh loin of pork and roasted piquillo peppers

9,5 €

Ham toast with fresh tomato

Artisan bread, cured ham and tomatoes from the garden

9,5 €

Salmon toast

Artisan bread, fresh salmon and philadelphia cheese garnished with a touch of chives

9,5 €

Brie cheese toast with walnuts and honey

Artisan bread, fresh brie cheese, pecan nuts and artisan honey

9,5 €

Avocado and tomato toast

Artisan bread, avocado and natural tomato

9,5 €

Hamburger La Mulata

La Mulata Burger with home fries

200gr of juicy (Carne-Carne) 100% beef, with batavia lettuce, oak leaf, tomato, gherkin, onion, bacon and cheddar cheese.

16 €

Burgers with fries

4 delicious 100% beef mini burgers, 2 with brie cheese, 2 with cheddar cheese.

15,95 €

Dad Burger with home fried chips

Incredible 180gr beef, served with brie cheese, bacon and caramelised onions.

14 €

Vegan burger with homemade fries

150gr of Delicious Bean/Spinach/Chickpea Pie, served with tomato, lettuce, gherkin and onion.

13,95 €

Classic Hamburger with fried home fries

Amazing 100% beef 150gr with batavia lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese.

12,95 €

Assorted Dishes

Veal Tenderloin

For two persons 500 grams of Beef from Avila accompanied by piquillo peppers.

29,95 €

Entrecote of veal

250 grams of juicy (meat-meat), accompanied with a bowl of salad and home fried potatoes.

17,95 €

Lamb Chops

Fresh and tasty grilled lamb chops with a touch of maldon salt.

16,95 €

Tenderloin steak

Fresh sirloin steak, served with roasted peppers and home fried potatoes.

12,95 €

Chicken breast with Parmesan sauce

Tasty chicken breasts, served with a delicious parmesan sauce and home fried potatoes.

11,95 €

La Mulata Salads

Salmon salad with croutons and parmesan sauce.

10,95 €

Marinated chicken salad with tomato and natural avocado.

10,95 €

To Sweete

Dessert Tasting

12,5 €

Homemade Chocolate Cake 

6,5 €

Homemade cheesecake with mango/raspberry coulis

6,5 €

Homemade carrot cake

6,5 €